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Member Login and FAQs

Member's logins 

Members of HISC are provided with accounts to login and access secure member's only content and areas of the web site. Currently this includes various club and policy related documents and also an on-line copy of the published member's directory. More member self service features will be added with time.

As a new member with an email address an account is set up for you and you will be sent an account activation email. The activation email contains a link which will take you to a page on the HISC web site where you can set your username and password for your web account. Usernames must be unique so if you enter one already in use you may be prompted to try another.

If you do not have the activation email you should contact the office who will be able to check that your email address on the system is correct and resend the activation email.

Once your account is activated you can login to view Member's only content including the Member directory. 

To login you can either click on the link at the top right of any HISC web page or, if you click on member's only content (there will be a padlock symbol next to the link), you will be prompted to login to access that content.

Your Profile

Once you are signed in the links at the top right will change to show you are signed in and provide links to logout and to access your profile. Your profile currently displays certain details that are securely held on the system and allows you to change options such as whether to display telephone number or email address in the member directory. Changes made on the profile page are immediate. Your entry in the Member Directory also links directly to your profile page. Actual address and email address changes must be made via the HISC Office.

Site Messaging

To allow even greater options for  member's privacy the HISC web site employs a system of messaging that enables a member with an email address to be sent a message without their email address being exposed to the sender. The email address of the sender is included in the email and the recipient may then reply as they choose. Settings for site messaging and email address display are set on the member's profile page.



Who can have an account to login to the site?

Only current members can have enabled accounts for the HISC web site.

How secure is it?

The HISC web system uses a very high level of security for protection of member personal data and content. 

Any exchange of 'risk' data is exchanged over encrypted (https) connections, including when logging in, viewing secured content or viewing/modifying profiles. 

The system allows member's to set their own usernames and passwords and requires strong passwords, passwords are stored on the system such that they cannot be read or decrypted at all by anyone (not even an admin or the Office). If you forget your password you must reset it to a new one, see 'i forgot my password'.

Privacy and Junk email/spam etc.

HISC web site does not allow any email addresses or personal data to be visible to non members on the internet unless specifically requested to do so (if you advertise an item for sale you get to opt to display your email if you choose). You can select various options to control how other members see your profile in the directory, and also control how other members may contact you (see site messaging above)

Why do I need a username rather than just me email address (like Facebook etc)

Usernames allow the use of a single email account for multiple members whilst allowing each member an individual account - for example in a family scenario.

I don't have an activation email

Please contact the office who can check your email address on the system and resend the activation email.

I have an activation code but no email

Click on the link 'I need to activate my account' on the login page and enter the code, you can then set your username and password.  You can click here to go to the login page.

I forgot my username

Click on the link 'I forgot my Username' on the login page, you must enter your email address and will recieve an email with your username. You can click here to go to the login page.

I forgot my password

You must reset your password. Nobody can see, tell you your current password or set it for you. Click on the link 'I forgot my Password' on the login page, you must enter your username and will receive an email with a secure link to set a new password. You can click here to go to the login page. Once a password reset has been issued your old password will not work and your account is locked until a password reset is succesful.

I still cannot login 

If you are confident of your username and password are correct but have tried multiple times to login to your account, the account may have become locked-out due to repeated login failures. This is a security feature to prevent others accessing your account. You can either complete a password reset which will also clear any lock, or contact the Office who can clear the lock.

Additionally administrators can suspend accounts if necessary.

I am concerned that my account details may be compromised

Reset your password to a new password as soon as possible, once a password reset has been issued your old password will not work and your account is locked until a password reset is succesful.

Who/can anyone see the members directory?

The Members Directory is strictly for members only, access is only possible with a valid member login. You can modify which components of your directory entry are visible to other members on your profile page (see 'your profile' above) and also set options for site messaging. You can click on your entry in the directory to get to your profile page.


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