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DutyMan will open Friday 25 January

DutyMan will be available for you to select your duties from Friday 25 January – Friday 15 February. The earlier you make your selection the more likely you are to find dates that suit you well.

For 2019 we ask that each member over the age of 17 and under the age of 70 undertakes at least 2 duties. If you fall outside these boundaries and still wish to help with running our programme, please contact Leah in the office and we will place you on the reserves list and we will try and allocate you a duty which suits you.

You will receive an email from DutyMan on Friday 25th January, please follow the link in the email and this will take you to the allocation page. You will then be able to select your duty dates.

If you would prefer not to undertake a race duty in 2019 and would like to pay the club, then there is an opportunity to do this. Please contact the Office by Friday 25 January at the latest.

[email protected]