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Cruiser Sundowner Series

It seems odd to write about the Sundowners in the middle of a winter storm, but then I am odd!

And oddly enough, the spring sundowner series starts in just a month's time, Thursday 18 April, so this is a call to arms for those intrepid enough to forsake Eastenders for Eastoke Point.

This year we start a couple of weeks earlier, two series of six, early and late, as before and will be keeping to the 'Bang and About' format that proved both fun and competitive last season, with Cookies beating Judgement Day in the early series and Celebration beating Cookies in the late.

No need for a handicap certificate, our biggest handicap is ourselves!

Just turn up and try as hard as you want and enjoy a pie and a pint in the club afterwards.

If your thinking of having a go for the first time or want to crew or be crewed, just ping an email to Leah and it will find me.

Now must get back to work to earn enough money to buy some antifoul!

Roy Pine