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Fireball at HISC

HISC Fireball Sailing - Review

HISC was one of the first clubs to adopt the Fireball after its launch in 1962 and has the distinction of hosting the first-ever Fireball race when four boats competed in the club’s 1962 regatta. Club members, notably Bill Kempner, were a driving force behind development of the class and a startling growth in sail numbers seen during the 1960s and 1970s.

Many members have won national and international Fireball titles.

Current boats look little different outwardly to those built in 1962 (compare one to HISC-based Fireball 2 owned by Chris Mantel) but are vastly different in terms of construction materials and performance. Modern Fireballs are invariably built in FRP, carry close to maximum correctors and, importantly, are ‘wide bowed’ and have flatter rocker to promote early planing. Rig options mean that the Fireball can be sailed by men and women irrespective of size and weight.  

Further information may be found on the UK Fireball Association website and the Fireball International site

The present day HISC fleet is smaller than that of yesteryear but has enjoyed a resurgence during the last three seasons and continues to grow strongly with more boats joining over the 2016/7 winter break.  Fleet members tend to prioritise Sunday racing where we will have our own class start in 2017, Pennant series and one-off events such as pursuit races.

Ten boats attended the 2015 Worlds in Pwllheli in which HISC boats finished first and second overall and 16 raced in the 2016 UK Nationals that were very successfully hosted by HISC.

If you are interested in joining the fleet either as a boat owner or as a crew looking to ‘hook up’ occasionally please get in touch.  The fleet has its own Facebook Page ‘Hayling Island Fireballs’ or

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