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Fireball at HISC

HISC Fireball Sailing - Review

The Fireball is still such a fantastic boat, and just about anyone can sail a Fireball, in almost any wind strength. The boat is also ideal for mixed crews and can be sailed by a wide 'age' group or weight range. Information on buying a boat can be found on the class association website: Fireball Association website

HISC Fireball Events

There a several fireballs sailing at HISC within the medium handicap fleet. However, the class is keen to identify specific weekends during the year when we can get as many fireballs on the water racing as possible. One weekend a month has been identified, and these coincide with the pennant weekends, where there will be two races each day. The fireball class will be awarding separate prizes in addition to those for the pennant weekend. These will factor in such formula as the age of the boat, and the youthfulness of the crew! We also hope to get as many Fireballs racing at Fed' Week as possible.

If you are keen to sail and need a crew or helm, please let me know, as there are various ex.fireballers who are keen to return to the class and join the fun!

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