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RS Elite Keelboat at HISC

During the course of this summer a number of members have been asking if one-design keelboat racing will ever happen again at HISC. Following much consultation and discussion over the last few weeks, a group of members have signed up for a serious campaign to achieve the goal of a racing fleet of RS Elites based at HISC . . .

Not a quick process and not for the fainthearted but we believe we have what it takes, that there is sufficient enthusiasm, and a big enough pool of sailors – the time is right.

In addition to the three boats already at HISC, Paul and Caroline Fisk have bought Elite 11 and Ossie Stewart in partnership with Rob Cruikshank have bought Elite 67. Nick Peters has a new boat on order, Mike McIntyre is in negotiations to buy and several others are currently exploring the secondhand market.

If you are at all interested in the prospect of keelboat racing at HISC, please come along to a launch drinks party on Saturday 25 October from 6.30pm to hear and discuss the proposals as well as put forward your own thoughts and ideas.

Boats will be available for a demo sail in the afternoon from 2.30pm before the launch party – please 'phone the office on 023 9246 3768 to book a time slot.

If you are unable to make the party then please get in touch with one of the 'Elite Ambassadors' – Nick Peters, Roddy Bowerman, Mark Allerston, Ossie Stewart, Mike McIntyre or Paul Fisk – who will be more than happy to hear your thoughts and talk through the plans. Not only can their contact details be found in the club handbook, they themselves are often to be found in the club bar.

2015 Racing timetable - TBA


Keelboat racing at Hayling Island Sailing Club - Press Release

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Images from the 2007 RS Elite Nationals at HISC

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