Nov & Dec Open Series #7 - 16 and 17 December

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Solo at HISC


The Everlasting Solo class at HISC

HISC has a fleet of 60 solos ranging from all-wood Goslings, through assorted composites to all-glass Winders, Speed and Boon. Our sailors range from under 10 stone ladies to 15+ stone men and everyone is in with a chance of success thanks to the outstanding design of the Solo by Jack Holt, the wide variety of modern rigs available from many suppliers and the tidal challenges of Chichester Harbour!

We are very fortunate in having a very wide choice of water to sail on. Our racing courses vary from tight courses at high tide over the mud banks of the harbour just off the club, to longer courses up and down the channels at low water. Other options are wave sailing in the large expanse of Hayling Bay and long distance races to other clubs. Launching our boats is very convenient, as we have only to trundle down from our dedicated space in the North dinghy park to the sandy beach a short distance away.

We race every Saturday and Sunday from mid March to the end of December each year. From March through to October we have our own Solo start each day and from October to December there is a separate Solo start on Sundays.  Wednesday evenings, when there is enough light to see where we are going, we race in a handicap class.

Thursday afternoon is also a Solo Sailing Day. As many of our sailors are past their sell by date as far as work is concerned, we can muster a dozen sailors on such afternoons for a variety of different types of sailing  / birdwatching / etc If that is not enough during mid August we can take part in the highly competitive Solo class racing in Chichester Harbour Federation Week without any need to travel!

Class Captain is David Moseley

For more information on the HISC Solo Fleet see the Off-HISC Solo website

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