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Tasar Class at HISC

Tasar championships at HISC

Tasar making its mark at HISC

The tasar class is set to make its mark at HISC with National and World Championships on home waters.

The Tasar UK Association are delighted that the 2019 Tasar World Championship and 2018 Tasar National Championships are to be held at HISC.

The Tasar is a two man high performance one design dinghy designed by Australian Frank Bethwaite, a highly skilled aeronautical engineer and dinghy designer of the Bethwaite family responsible for the design of the successful B14, 29er, 49er, 59er numerous Australian skiffs and boats within the NS14 development class.

The Tasar has an exceptionally light weight hull at only 68kg, early boats were as light as 58Kg and compare with a Laser 1 at 59Kg. The tasar is light, fast ( PY1023), and simple providing upwind planing performance in around 12 knots without the need for a trapeze or spinnaker and capable of beating a modern Merlin to the windward mark. Its light weight makes on shore handling an easy task for mixed crews.

Low rig tension, rotating mast and traveller make for one of the most efficient dinghy rigs ever produced giving opportunity to optimise performance across a wide wind range.

Kevlar foam sandwich hulls remain competitive for many years. At the recent Tasar Worlds in the USA many top performing boats were over 20 years old. Low cost competitive boats are readily available and new boats built under licence to Bethwaite are available from the UK Distributor “ Signal Locker”

The tasar with its deep cockpit and wide angled deck was designed for comfortable effective hiking by husband / wife and parent / child in mind.

Nick & Tessa Lancaster and Rod & Maureen Porteous have spare boats and would be pleased to loan them to club members to gain experience of the Tasar and encourage participation in these future events.


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