The Bridge Race 29 April 2017

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HISC Race Management Handbook

The index below shows the available documents of the HISC Race Management Handbook. Each section is available as a PDF file to download/print. Click on the document required.

Chapter 1 - General

CRO Duty Schedule

CRO Guidelines

Courses for the Harbour at High Tide

Courses for the Harbour at Low Tide

Courses for the Bay

Harbour Marks - Bearings

Harbour Marks - Distances

Bay Marks - Bearings and Distances

Chapter 2 - Pre Race Preparation

Running Club Racing - Power Point Presentation

Code of Conduct for Racing in Chichester Harbour (Link to Fed website)

Federation Club Contacts (Link to Fed website)

Federation Racing Marks (Link to Fed website)

Chart of Harbour Marks

Tidal Sets for Hayling Bay

Chapter 3 - Safety Documents

Equipment List

Safety Management for Open Meetings

Open Meeting Risk Assessment

Club Race Risk Assessment Form

Safety Team Briefing

Safety Boat Driver Experience Form

Check Lists

Race Box check list

Tally Control check list

Event Safety Officer check list

Safety Team Email check list

Safety Briefing check list

Missing Person Search Plan for Bay courses

Visitors RIB Registration Form

RYA, Safety Fleet Tactical Positioning

Race Team Mobile Phone Numbers Template

Chapter 4 - Committee Boat Operating Instructions

Committee Boat - Juno

Committee Boat - Lady G

Committee Boat - Missy

Chapter 5 - Patrol Boat

Patrol Boat Duties

RIB Starting Procedure

Chapter 6 - Radios

HISC Club Radio Channels and Usage

Hand Held Radio Instructions

Operating Instructions for the Box Radio

Radio Emergency Procedure

Chapter 7 - The Race

HISC Race Schedule

Series System - Fleet Splits

Club Race Officer Tips

Chapter 8 - Flags

Flag Sequences

HISC Spring and Summer - Sat Racing

HISC Spring and Summer - Sun Racing

HISC Autumn Series - Sat Racing

HISC Autumn Series - Sun Racing

Racing Flag Signals

Flag Chart

Chapter 9 - Templates

Duty Allocation Sheets

Course Sheets

Course - Standard Sheet

Course - Wind/Leeward, Running Finish

Course - Wind/Leeward, Gate Finish

Course - Triangle, Gate Finish

Course - Triangle, Running Finish

Lap Charts

Results Sheet

Safety Risk Assessment Form

Protest Form

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