The Bridge Race 29 April 2017

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HISC Handicap Method

How the Racing Committee generate dinghy handicap numbers.

What we do with handicaps is quite involved but quite logical. There are two distinct issues with the RYA numbers. The first is that some are simply wrong or out of date and the second is that they do not account for tidal currents which penalise the slower boats more than the faster ones.

There is a third difficulty in that we are familiar with some of the classes but not with others. So we need to generate an alternative sequence that meets our racing requirements better.

We also have to provide a number for any visitor in any class at any of our handicap events that is consistent with the numbers we use for club classes. Further we want to be able to reconcile back to the RYA scheme for every class.

Full description of the HISC Handicap Method Methodology (pdf) for Dinghies & Open Keel Boats.

List of HISC Handicap Numbers (pdf) used for Dinghy & Open Keel Boat handicap racing.

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