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HISC Youth Training

As an RYA recognised teaching establishment HISC runs an extensive junior and youth training programme with a full range of RYA courses running throughout the year.  Including the Youth Training Week, an Opi & Tera Introduction to Racing and private or group training available throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of following courses pleases contact the HISC Office to book or book online. 

There is also class training throughout the year for Optimists, Toppers, Teras and Fevas: please contact your class captain or the office for more details.

Youth Dinghy Sailing Courses (8-16yrs) 

With the youth sailing booming at HISC, there is no better time to get yourself trained up so that you too can join your friends on the water.  The RYA Youth Sailing Scheme has been developed to give young people a fun and enjoyable way to learn to sail.  Conducted in groups, youngsters can enjoy both the thrills of sailing and the benefits of group learning.

The RYA Youth Sailing Scheme is broken down to four stages.  On successful completion of each stage you will be awarded a certificate which goes in your log book (available from reception cost £5.95) so that you can keep track of your progress.

RYA Stage 1 -  No previous experience required - 2 days

After the course you will be able to steer and understand basic principles

Boats will be provided

Dates: TBA

RYA Stage 2 - Pre-requisite is RYA stage 1 - 2 days

After the course you will be able to understand basic rules of the road,  tack and control boat speed.

Bring your own boat - Oppie, RS tera, Pico Topper or Q'ba

Having completed stage 2 you will now be able to attend the youth Sailing sessions on various Saturday mornings though out the summer

Dates: TBA

Opi & Tera Introduction to Racing - Pre-requisite RYA Stage 2 - 2 days

This session is an introduction to racing for youngsters. We have aimed this course at those who have completed their stage two and are increasing in confidence on the water before taking part in Youth Race W. Bring your own boat.

Dates: TBA

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