Nov & Dec Open Series #3 - 18 and 19 November

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Last Session - September 29th 2016

The last session will be followed by tea and awards, with certificates for all sailors who have completed their cards.

Friends and relations are welcome to the celebration which will start at about 6:30 in the bar, or earlier if the weather is very windy.

First Session - May 5th 2016

Unfortunately the wind was too strong for us to go on the water, but we were able to welcome some new members as well as catch up with members from last year.

We also welcomed some new volunteers who will be helping this year.

There was knot tying and learning to rig boats so there was plent to do..

We had our Prize Giving Tea on 24th September 2015

The last session of the Thursday Club was on 24th September and was followed by prize giving at which the following certificates were awarded:


Curtis Chapman

Joel Claxton

Ronnie Mardell

Tobey Gannon

Alex Graham

Libby Austin

Arthur Lilley

Cam Mitchell

Ellis Wheeler

Van Page 

Emily Hatter


Rupert Jameson


Josh Hobbs

Ella Williams


Ben Tuttle

Oliver Germain

Congratulations to you all!

The first session next year will be on the 5th May - see you all there!


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