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What we are about

What We Are About

In 2003 0n completion of the new Clubhouse, Scrutineering shed and  Sea Defences together with all new services to the site I decided as Chairman of the Redevelopment Committee my job was done but with one exception and that was my concern that we had not made all these magnificent facilities available for the promotion of sailing to the disadvantaged , less well off or indeed provided a “ Sampler “ system for the community at large to try sailing  at little or no cost.

 So in 2003 I persuaded the General Committee to let me have the wreck of the old Boson’s Hut and I brought some of the Sub Contractors together who worked on the redevelopment and got them to refurbish the hut with wall and window repairs a new floor and  roof repairs and the installation of power and lighting, and of course redecoration, all on top of a steel sub frame. FOC!!

 This being done I as a member of the RYA southern region persuaded the committee to give me a grant for the purchase of 3 new Dinghies. I was then told I had to have a Senior Instructor so I cornered Mike McIntyre and he said although he was busy running his own Business he would help me get it off the Ground. I managed to get my friend Paul Rivington to put Mike through the course to obtain his SI qualification, this resulted in the arrival of my first Bill and that was for £800 to pay for Mikes qualification training so my programme for getting grants started and from then on I got grants for Boats and put our own family Vision in called  “ Loan Ranger “

 We finally got under way in 2005 with the magnificent support of Volunteers Xan and Edward Carr, Jane Willis, Roy Barnes and others and I am reluctant to name in case I miss anyone out but the success we enjoy today is down to our brilliant Team of Volunteers and of course Gold Medallist Mike Mac, whose Business commitments had taken Off so he had to leave us in 2012.

We now own some 33 Boats and all the Bike racks and boat racks, all obtained with grants (other than my two visions and rowing dinghy) so we have the responsibility of complying with the conditions and covenants that come with those grants.

Mike Baker

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