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Welcome to the RS Tera Section of HISC Website

2017 is another very busy year for Youth at HISC

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I generally email out Tera News to my Tera Class List. If you are not getting my direct emails, it means I don’t have your email address! The club only hold one email so often spouses don’t forward to each other. I am happy to have as many emails addresses on my Tera list as you need, so if you are not getting my direct emails please email me at and I will add you to my list.

Best Wishes
Sarah Mitchell
RS Tera Captain 

About Our Fleet

The RS Tera is the ideal first boat for children. It can accommodate children from ages around 7 to 14 years of age.

It is available with two size rigs, the Sport and for the older children the Pro which is a fully battened larger sail.

At HISC we have over 100 Teras in our fleet, the sailors of which vary greatly in age and ability, so as a fleet we try to cater for all of their needs.

Getting Started

Firstly, you don’t have to own a Tera – HISC have a large number available to hire, so try before you buy! (for details on Hire contact the office on 02392 463768)

Tera sailors often start sailing in our sheltered lagoon, a very safe place to find your way around the boat and to practice capsizing!

A great way to get involved in the lagoon sailing and making new friends is through our SEALS events. For Seals dates, refer to the Seals Facebook page HISC SEALS or the HISC SEALS Webpage

Moving on in Confidence

2016 saw our very first Tera Red Ribbon Training Club.

This group, organised by the Tera Class Captain and Melvin Cooper Sailing was developed to build children's confidence and to make a smooth transition from the lagoon to West Mud. Our first year of this club was hugely successful with 12 children participating over just 6 days spread across the best tides of the early season.

Three of these children went on to take part in the Tera Nationals Regatta Fleet, and almost all of the other children competed and more importantly enjoyed more local racing events in our HISC busy calendar.  For Dates please check the Red Ribbon Doodle and if interested email

Saturday morning is the time now put aside for junior training and from June through to October the Teras can take part in the Youth Get Sailing Club. This is organised by the club and is a great opportunity to improve sailing skills under the careful guidance of our very own HISC instructing team. (for details on Hire contact the office on 02392 463768)

Ready to Race?

When ready to join in Teras can race in the Sunday Series where they have their own start, parents are very welcome and encouraged to support the children on the water be it in a kayak or any other way they can get afloat.

Once a month we have a Pennant Weekend where racing is both on the Saturday and the Sunday allowing the children to make a really good weekend of it and prizes are awarded for that weekend alone.

Sprint Racing is added to calendar whenever we can, mainly during holidays and half terms, but also occasional Saturdays. These a parent led events, so all hands on deck!  They are fast a fun and rewarding for both parents and sailors, great little social events.  We run between 6 – 8 short races in the best tides. Sprint Racing is great for practising and building confidence.

All racing costs, unless an Open Meeting or Race Training are included in your membership.

Open Events at HISC

Generally there will be a Youth Pursuit Race every bank holiday, these are traditionally longer races and allow those children with stamina and expericance to really show what they are made of.

May is a very exciting month for the Tera Fleet.  May 13 and 14, HISC is hosting the RS Southern Series as our open meeting, we are looking for ward to welcoming Tera from many Southern clubs to our shores and we hope to see our fleet out in force!

The last bank holiday weekend in May HISC is hosting The Whitsun Open Regatta. The Tera fleet have been invited as one of the supported fleets for the event. It is an open event so we hope to have a large number of visitors as well as our own fleet.  These two dates in May are a must for your diaries!

Summer Holidays – sorted!

The summer holidays are pretty booked up in the Tera fleet.

Family Fun Week for our younger sailors; Teras are the perfect boast to bring along to this fun packed week.

Youth Race Week, where we have two fleets for Teras; the sailors newer to racing may enter the Red Ribbon Fleet, which has its own shorter courses, and help is given to those who need it and Main Fleet, where the more experienced sailors battle it out for top slots.

Chichester Harbour Federation week, this is a wonderful week for all the club, and being traditional geared more towards the adults, this week can often be overlooked for our younger sailors.  In fact it is a brilliant week for Teras as our class is run on West Mud with the best tides of the whole summer!  Not to be overlooked and great week with a smashing HISC buzz!

You might manage to go on a family holiday somewhere else but really with our sandy beaches and Hayling  micro-climate why would you bother?

All these dates are found on the Youth Fixtures List

All Year Round Sailing

As with all the other youth fleets the Teras have a Winter Training Program, we run a bronze silver and gold fleet, with small groups of around eight children. This year we have had children from 9 years old participating.  Training is honed to each child’s specific needs, and progress can be very good in these intense sessions.  As with all training events, the children make great friends, what better way to get outside in the winter months – beats playing computer games!

As the Tera fleet tends to have the younger members of youth you find a high level of parent participation as we need plenty of help both on the water and the shore, this makes the fleet not only a great sociable environment for the kids but also for their parents and siblings.


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