Nov & Dec Open Series #7 - 16 and 17 December

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Seals at HISC


Welcome to the Seals Section of HISC Website

HISC SEALS is aimed at getting the Under 10s happy and confident on and in the water!

We will plan fun games and activities for you and your children to do together in the water.

Parental involvement is necessary, please remember you are responsible for your children at all times and life jackets must be worn.

Kayaks, boogie boards, Oppis, Teras, etc... all watercraft welcome!

SEAL events are about fun and getting on the water and not about racing or training (other youth groups cover this), and novices are actively encouraged to join in.


Join the SEAL Facebook Group for the latest dates and photos of recent events

What's in the Plan for this year?

Sailing around buoys

Collecting balls

Balloon collecting

Lots of awards and spot prizes for great new things done by your children. Eg, first time in a boat, first time on the helm, or even first tack!

Oppi On A Rope

This was very successful last year and we will have 2 Oppi's available for 15 minute slots which can be booked at the briefing. 

HISC boats borrow:

We are delighted that in 2016 we can again offer some HISC Teras to borrow (free of charge) during the Seals allocated time. These can be booked for half hour slots at the briefing. Borrow a Boat is for children or children with an adult only. Boats will not be lent to adults only.

There is no charge for SEALS, Oppi on a Rope or Borrow A Boat.  Please register at the briefing.


SEALS will take place whatever the weather - however the organisers reserve the right cancel on the water activities and lending of boats if the weather is prohibitive.  On shore games will take place if at all possible. Please call the office for an update on the morning if in doubt.

HISC seals is run by volunteers so please do help out where you can! Parents remain responsible for their children at all times, and life jackets are mandatory. Where possible, a safety boat may be on hand to assist, but this is not guaranteed. HISC Crew and volunteers running these fun events take no responsibility for participants' safety.

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