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Boats Moved in HISC Boat Park

In order to accommodate the construction of new boat racks to increase our storage capacity there has been a big movement of boats in the HISC boat park.

We have attempted to inform all the owners of the boats involved of the movement. However, with such a large amount of boats moved it is possible people have been missed off our communications.

If you cannot find your boat when you are next at HISC please keep calm, carry on and speak to the Marine Department or HISC Office.

The basic movement followed the plan detailed below however, some other boats around the site have also been moved.

All the boats in the green and yellow squares have been moved to the red squares and Vice versa.

Therefore the RS Aeros are now opposite the chandlery and the Laser 2000’s, Stratos etc are on the sea wall.

 If your boat is an RS Aero which has been allocated a Rack space it will be moved to its rack spot once the racks are constructed.

No boat which previously hand a boat park space on the ground will be moved onto a rack.