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RYA Youth Sailing Stages 1,2,3,4

RYA Stage 1

During this course you will learn the basics of sailing, parts of the boat and how to launch, recover and steer. After completing stage 1, you will understand the basic principles of sailing in order to move on to stage 2.

RYA Stage 2

During this course you will continue to develop basic sailing skills, as well as ropework and collision avoidance. You will be able to tack and control boat speeds, leaving you in a good position to progress to stage 3.

RYA Stage 3

In stage 3 you will continue to develop rigging and sailing techniques, capsize recovery and sailing theory, as well as launching and recovery skills. On completion of the course, you will be able to launch and sail round a triangle in moderate conditions.

RYA Stage 4

Learn to sail a double handed boat as crew or helm, applying all the skills you have learnt up to and including stage 3, as well as gaining a variety of exciting new skills afloat.