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RYA Youth Windsurfing Stages 1,2,3,4

RYA Stage 1 Windsurfing

Youth Stage 1 will teach you the basics of getting on the after and sailing the board across the wind and back

RYA Stage 2 Windsurfing

Your instructor will teach you the knowledge and practical skills to get you tacking and gybing, and enabling you to make progression towards and away from the wind.

RYA Stage 3 Windsurfing

During this stage your Instructor will help you to set up you board and rig correctly, enhance your stance on all points of sailing and introduce basic harnessing techniques in stronger winds.

RYA Stage 4 Windsurfing

On completing Youth Stage 4 you should have confidence and ability to tack, gybe and sail in your harness with basic foot strap technique.