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2022 Club Duty Allocation

Now is the time of year when we need to organise volunteers for the upcoming season’s extensive sailing programme.

DutyMan is available for you to select your duties from 18:00hrs on Friday 4 February to 18:00hrs on Friday 25 February.

After this date, vacant slots will be filled with those who have not selected a duty for themselves. Each member aged 18 & over and under the age of 70 is required to undertake at least two duties.


A link will be sent from DutyMan via email. You must follow the link on the email and not log on to DutyMan.

The link will take you to the allocation page where you will be able to select the date and type of duty you wish

While you are free to select the duties you wish, there are a few factors we would ask you to consider. Please choose two duties on the same weekend as this provides continuity in the race management. If you choose to support an open meeting or other longer event, please volunteer for all of the days.

Click here for our guide to the different roles available and what each role entails.

We appreciate members may have valid reasons to be excused from the duty roster. If you are one of those please contact Leah at the club as soon as possible.

Please note:

  • If you are unable to attend your allocated duty please find a swap using the swap facility on DutyMan.
  • In accordance with the club’s byelaws, there is a penalty for not fulfilling your allocated duty.

If you have any queries, either about accessing DutyMan or the allocation of duties, please contact the Office 023 9246 3768.