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Social Sailing

A group of HISC members gather under the banner of HISC Social Sailing on prearranged dates and sail off to various destinations.

Any member of HISC can join. The Social Sailors gather together on pre-arranged dates during mid week when life is relatively quiet. They sail off to various destinations, dine out, have over-night stops sometimes and then return.

You don't have to have a boat as the boat owners are usually only too happy to take on board spare crews. For cruises in the harbour, dinghies are very welcome to come and all sail together.

For 2019 there is an Annual Subscription of £5 per person, payable at the next event to the Captain or the Treasurer. Boat owners’ non-member guests are welcome to attend free-of-charge but should be signed in at the Office.

Reminders, alterations and other information about these events will be sent via the weekly HISC Newsletter.

For more detailed information on the HISC Social Sailing group go direct to and select from the left hand side menu.

Tuesday, 23rd April.  HW 15.08   HT 4.6 

A rather dull, but warm, day with 5 knots of wind from the east - so no sails up to CYC
Our organiser Trevor, on Nomad, was first to arrive and directed the next boats as to where to park on the waiting pontoon. Dragonfly was allowed on the outside but Sugar Glider was enticed inside with some doubts as to whether it was deep enough - but it must have been dredged as she did not go aground.

Woden parked behind having just exited the Marina where they had spent the night due to the tides not being right to get out of their creek in the morning. This left room for Seldom Seen on the outside who was a bit late as the crew had to tender out to their boat - the ferry having inadvertently been cancelled!

This being St Georges day and also Blaydes’ Wedding Anniversary - again - the Prosecco was uncorked on Sugar Glider with the crew of Woden and Seldom Seen invited aboard, (just about room!), the other boats having their own parties. Off up to the SC where we met up with more folks who had come by car, making a total of 18 to sit outside and enjoy the usual excellent menu and even better coffee from the bar. Trevor came around and collected his £5 for parking and Lyn came round and chatted about future events.

Time to leave and Woden was in a hurry to get back before the water left the creek. This they did and despite spending an hour packing up, they unloaded everything ashore without getting muddy!  Dragonfly roared of and Seldom Seen also left sharply but did not sail in deference to recent surgery on knee. Sugar Glider did sail - as there was a bit more wind albeit from the SE - a run through Itchenor turning into a fluky beat up to Rookwood, which was fine once the track for the jib had been sprayed!

Nomad steamed past through Itchenor and was the first to arrive at Sparkes to find that the Dredger was parked off the end of the fuelling pontoon and right across the entrance to the Marina. Rather upset the navigation! Sugar Glider arriving a little later encountered the crew of Seldom Seen tendering home with their electric motor enhanced by some powerful paddling.

A good day out and many thanks to Trevor and Monica for their organisation.

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