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Club Racing Information

Next Club Racing Fixtures

17 Wed19:00Wed Evening Late Series #5HW 08:48 
18 Thu19:00 Elite Sundowner Late Series #5HW 09:55 
20 Sat11:0029er/RS800/RS700 Sprints  
20 Sat11:00 Aero Sprints #4HW 11:31 
20 Sat11:00Solo Sprints  
20 Sat12:00 Saturday Handicap #11HW 11:31 
21 Sun11:00MRSC REGATTAHW 12:17 

2024 HISC Main Calendar

2024 Club Race Results

Updated Club Race Entry - Sign On / Off

1) Enter the entire series / or event on SailEvent link which will be displayed on the HISC website,

2)  Sign On and Off on the day of sailing either:

a.  via email message on your phone (NOT a text message) or,

b.  via the tablet on the notice board outside the canteen (no phone necessary)

By signing off electronically, the office and race team will be informed in real time if all sailors are ashore and will be able to stand down volunteer safety teams in a timely manner, or if needed action a search for unaccounted for sailors.

Click the links below to view club racing information:


Adult Club Racing NOR & SI

Click for 2024 Adult Club Racing NOR/SI - Club, Pennant, Sprints and Open Pursuit races

Harbour Race Marks

Chart of Chichester Harbour Race Marks

Race Times, Flags and Handicaps

Weekly class start times, class flags and Handicap grouping

Race Management Docs

Documentation for Club Race Officers and race teams, including operation of Committee Boats

HISC Safety Documents

Full list of Safety Documentation and Guidelines for Club and Open events

Chichester Harbour Racing Code of Conduct

Racing code of conduct when racing within the Harbour.