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Our Environment Matters

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic. Last year’s COP26 in Glasgow highlighted the challenges and importance of every country playing their part in working toward avoiding an environmental disaster.

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At HISC we are redoubling our efforts to fight plastic pollution, reduce our environmental footprint and leave the sea and beaches in a better state than we find them now. After a couple of years distracted whilst fighting the pandemic, it is our goal to catch up and supersede where we were in 2019.
Emma Toman – Environmental Officer

Green Fair 16 April

We hosted our first Green Fair on 16th April.

Key goals for 2022:
• Updating and progressing the RYA's The Green Blue scheme
• Progress toward the gold standard accreditation on the removal of Single Use Plastic (via The Final Straw)
• Sponsorship of the Water Quality Officers testing of the harbour water
• Calculation of our carbon footprint with a fully budgeted plan to becoming net zero
• Engage with our members to raise environmental awareness and promote green initiatives by holding a Green Fair

Achievements in 2021
• In our online shop we sell 750ml organic sports bio-bottles for £3.50. They are fully recyclable, 95% sugar based, BPA free, plasticizer free, dishwasher safe and made in Europe. These are very popular with our Youth Members and we feel safer in the knowledge that if the bottle is lost in the sea during a capsize, it won’t be floating round for hundreds of years.
• We also sell embroidered Organic Hoodies which are 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester, they are peta approved vegan.
• All our meat, fresh fruit/veg and fish are now sourced locally.

We are also working with:

The Final Straw Solent

One of our remits at the Final Straw Solent is to encourage ocean health and promote sustainable practices for all people to use in their day to day lives. We have been encouraging businesses and individuals to reduce the amount of single use plastics they are using, in the hope that this will have a knock on effect to others.

This is where Final Straw Solent link in perfectly with Hayling Island Sailing Club. We are firm believers that change needs to happen, and what better place to start than at sailing clubs where we work and play on our oceans.

As sailors we have a responsibility to care for our oceans and lead by example with our sustainable practices. We love the ocean and we need to take care of it.

Bird Aware Solent 

At high tides shorebirds move from their intertidal feeding grounds around Chichester Harbour to resting sites known as roosts. Black Point is a highly important high tide roost and provides vital refuge to a variety of ducks, geese and wading birds especially in winter.

A species which can be seen at Black Point in flocks of 3000-8000 is the Dunlin. These small waders, which weigh the same as a kiwi fruit, travel from Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia to spend winter with us in the Solent.

Oystercatchers, Knot, Sanderling, Redshank, Grey Plover, Brent Geese and Ringed Plover also congregate here, seeking a safe place to rest. The variety of birds that use this spit together make this a very special place.  

We want everyone to enjoy the amazing Solent coast while sharing our shores with the wildlife who call it home.

Please follow these three steps to ensure the birds can use the spit for years to come:

  • Avoid walking out onto the spit when the tide is high
  • Keep a good distance from the spit whilst out on the water
  • Launch and land craft away from the spit

Bird Aware Solent is a Partnership consisting of fifteen Solent councils and four conservation organisations. We aim to raise awareness of protected birds that spend the winter on the Solent, helping people to enjoy the coast whilst giving birds the space they need to feed and rest. 

It's great news that HISC has achieved the Bronze award from the Final Straw Foundation. We have a real passion for creating a more sustainable future, our members and crew have worked hard to get to this stage and we will continue to refine and improve. So many of our members love spending their leisure time at HISC and are enthusiastic to support our environmental agenda. Thanks to The Final Straw for their support during this important journey.

Andy Partington - Commodore

Kids Environmental Activities

Chichester Harbour Federation