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The Europe is a one-person dinghy designed in Belgium in1960 by Alois Roland as a class legal Moth dinghy. Current hulls are built in fibreglass, with some older hulls being in wood. A single sail is supported by one unstayed mast. 

Class Captain: Natalie Campbell -

The Europe was sailed as the women’s single handed dinghy equipment for the Olympic Games from 1992 to 2008. During this time, HISC hosted the Europe Class Olympic National Rankers, as well as in 1999 the European Open Week and European Championships. 

At HISC, the Europe's race in the Slow Handicap fleet, including Pennant weekend racing in the bay and sprint racing within the harbour. HISC hosts Open Events for the Europe class and HISC is due to host the Europe class National Championships in 2024.

Sailor weight: 55 – 85kg 

Hull weight: 45kg 

Hull length: 3.35m 

Hull width: 1.38m 

Mast length: 4.90m 

Main sail area: 7 sq m