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ILCA / Laser at HISC

Contact: Jonny Bucknell (

The ILCA dinghy (previously known as the Laser) is a single-handed, one design dinghy sailed throughout the world by people of all ages and abilities. It has three interchangeable rigs (Standard (ILCA 7), Radial (ILCA 6) and 4.7 (ILCA 4) offering sail areas appropriate to a given combination of wind strength and crew weight.

The UK Class association is encouraging participation from all sailors, and has recently highlighted that the smaller rig (4.7 or ILCA 4) may be especially suited to smaller sailors such as women, as well as being the standard youth rig for the under 16s.

At HISC, ILCAs/Lasers are sailed by adults and also by younger members within the youth section.