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International Moth at HISC

There are approximately 20 Moths registered at HISC and we have some top level sailors at the club including the 2016 European Champion, Mike Lennon.

In 2014 the Hayling Moth Fleet helped organise the International Moth World Championships at HISC with 140 boats taking part on two courses.

We race when the tide and conditions suit us – low water is for those who know the harbour well as replacing a main foil costs over £2,500! We sail off the PY handicap of 499. Hayling Bay offers excellent sailing on a low water weekend.

There are perhaps half a dozen Moth sailors who sail regularly during the week as well as at weekends.

There is a dedicated Facebook group for the Hayling Moth Fleet which is where we organise these midweek and weekend outings. Please search for the “HMS Hayling Moth Squadron”.

If you own a boat already then please contact me for a trial sail at the Club; the launching and facilities at HISC suit the Moth perfectly.

If you are thinking of buying a Moth come and talk to us and you can see the different designs sailing at HISC and see if there are any for sale.

Contact: Graham Simmonds -