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Merlin Rocket

The Merlin Rocket is ideally suited to racing in Chichester Harbour and Hayling Bay. Its pivoting centreboard & rudder, and symmetrical spinnaker mean that it is perfectly equipped to make the best of wherever the racing may be on a given day.

If you would like to discuss owning and sailing Merlin Rockets, contact Judith Massey -

Technically, the Merlin Rocket is described as a restricted development class, and over the 75 years since its first design, the boat has evolved considerably.

New Merlin Rockets are wonderfully technical and appeal to sailors who enjoy understanding and working with its sophisticated rig and controls.

Husband and wife (or equivalent!) teams do extremely well in the class as well as parent/child combinations. On the national stage, the class draws a wide range of ages, with a very strong ‘youth’ contingent.

At HISC, the class races in the Medium Handicap group, and is often in close combat with other active classes, including Fireballs, Tasars, and Flying Fifteens.