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RS700 at HISC

The RS700 could be said to have been born at HISC as this was the home for the development and testing of the boat back in 2001. HISC remains the largest fleet in the country. 

Class Captain: Roland Smith -

The RS700 still holds a place at the high-performance end of the single-handed dinghy spectrum. With a large mainsail and asymmetric spinnaker, the boat requires physical and mental commitment but rewards sailing legends and mere mortals alike in a way that only a few boats can. 

A simple and strong rig and epoxy/foam hull means that early boats have remained competitive and so the 700 offers very cost effective, fast one-design racing. 

Every 700 sailor remembers the learning curve associated with entering the class which makes for a tight-knit community with more experienced sailors always being willing to share advice and suggestions for newer sailors. 

After 4 National Championship wins in a row, Theo Galyer has retired from the fleet, but remains at HISC offering advice and guidance to the fleet.

On the racing front, the fleet takes part in the club racing (Wednesday evening, Saturday and Sunday), Pennant weekends in the bay, Chichester harbour race week and fleet sprint racing. As well as providing close quarter racing, sprints also offer a great test of boat handling through the increased manoeuvre rate that is required.

For 2023 there is an RS700 Open Meeting at HISC as part of the RS Summer Regatta RS Summer Regatta and Rooster National Tour on 24th and 25th June. This will provide an excellent opportunity for club sailors and visitors to get some practice in for the RS700 National Championships at HISC on 12 – 15 September 2024.