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Camper Van Parking and Camping

Mobile homes/Campervans

The Club is only permitted to allow use of our site by motorhomes overnight under exemptions we have received from Natural England

These exemptions limit the number of days we can allow pitching, and place other conditions on the use of the site by motorhomes of members and non-members.

Motorhome pitching can only be permitted for specifically designated events and the numbers of pitches are limited.

All Motorhomes need to be booked and paid for before being allocated a pitch. We are not, for example, allowed to open the site for visitors or members’ motorhomes on a regular weekend basis.

Outside the designated events, motorhomes will not be permitted to pitch on site and members/visitors are requested not to bring these vehicles to the Club.

We appreciate that some use smaller motorhomes as their means of transport and in these circumstances they may be parked, as you would a car, in a designated area from 8 am to 8 pm.

Designated events where a limited number of Campervans / Motorhomes are allowed to book pitches are :

June 15/16  - Members only
June 22-24  - Laser Masters
June 29/30  - Optimist Open
July 22-27  - Solo Nationals
July 30-02 Aug  - 29er Nationals
Aug 27- 31  - Youth Race Week
Sept 07-09  - Tasar Nationals
Sept 22  - Round the Island Race

On all other dates Motorhomes/ Camper vans are not permitted to be parked overnight.

Camping and Sleeping on-site

Note that no caravan or tent may be placed within the precincts of the Club and that no vehcles may be used for sleeping accomodation within the precincts of the Club.

Please help by abiding with thes rules so that HISC complies with the law and retains the goodwill of its neighbours.