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HISC Boat Registration, Parking & the Wait List

Members who own active class boats are given priority for boat park spaces at the club and, whilst the boat park is always at capacity, there is a constant turnover of boats requiring spaces as well as regular assessment of boat usage to ensure new spaces are created.

Potential new members of the HISC active racing classes are encouraged to speak to the relevant class captains to discuss boat park spaces.

Boat Park Request Form - please note that by signing this form you read and understood the terms and conditions below


The Marine Manager is responsible to the Sailing Committee for allocating space in the dinghy park in accordance with the regulations detailed below.

The dinghy park offers storage for members’ dinghies, windsurfers and tenders.

The space in the dinghy park shall be managed in a way that promotes participation in dinghy sailing.


The Club accepts no liability in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage to boats stored on the premises or any third party loss or damage caused by them.

Neither the Club nor any person acting on the authority of the Club shall be liable for any loss or damage to any boat or other equipment that is moved in accordance with or as a consequence of the HISC dinghy park regulations.


Active Use
Any boat that is recorded (see Recorded Active Use below) as going on the water at HISC on at least 7 days in the calendar year.

Recorded Active Use (often referred to as ‘Use it or Lose it’)

A record of active use is maintained by the club.  Data is drawn from:

  • Results from club races, championships/open meetings hosted by HISC, Chichester Harbour Race Week and open events hosted by Mengham Rythe SC
  • The Cruising Log (i.e. sailing that is not a racing activity per the bullet point above) which includes ‘Women on the Water’ and, from the 2024 season, a separate Training Log.  For the avoidance of doubt, these logs must be completed by using the appropriate QR code (maintained at the club office) on every occasion a boat is used for a purpose other than racing.

It is incumbent on members to ensure that their:

  • Boat details, including official hull/sail number, are up to date in the club’s records and that all sails used bear the sail number per the club’s records
  • Race results are correctly recorded

Note that the usual entry and sign on/off requirements for racing must be followed.  

Registration & Parking
Boats which are allocated a parking space will pay the registration and parking fee as detailed in Appendix 2.

Registration Only
Boats which are being brought to the club each time they are used and not parked will pay the Registration only fee as detailed in Appendix 2.

HISC will maintain a waiting list and Club Members can request to be added to this wait list by completing a waitlist form - Appendix 1.

Boat Registration- (From Byelaws)

No Member may bring a boat to the Club without registering its full particulars with the HISC office.

Only boats so registered may go afloat from the Club.

Subject to Bye-law 4.2 and upon payment of the appropriate fee, the Marine Manager shall, for the year in question, issue plaque(s) / tag(s) according to the following classes of Registration:

• Registration Only (for Launching); entitling that boat to be launched from HISC, but not to be parked overnight. It may be left at the Club during the nights immediately before and after the day on which the boat is launched.

• Registration for Launching and Annual Parking; entitling that boat to be launched from HISC and parked for all of that year.

Those plaque(s) / tag(s) shall be displayed on the boat and / or its trolley as required by the Marine Manager.

All trailers and launching trolleys must be clearly marked at the front, in paint or indelible pen, with “HISC, boat class, sail number” (e.g. HISC FF 2860). Trailers, launching trolleys and other such ancillary equipment must normally be kept under the associated boat at all times other than when the boat is being sailed and must be kept in a serviceable condition so the boat can be easily moved as required.

Members bringing a non-registered boat to the Club must obtain permission from the office and pay a temporary boat registration fee prior to going afloat, which will be charged at a rate to be laid down by the General Committee. (Appendix 1) The boat may not be left at the Club overnight unless consecutive days have been paid for in advance. Non-registered boats may not participate in Club racing without the prior agreement of the class captain.

In the event that it is required to remove an unregistered boat, inappropriately registered boat or any associated equipment from Club premises, the process shall comply with Club Rules 49 and 50, and follow the guidance given in the policy document entitled ‘Policy and Process for Unregistered Boats’.

All boats shall be registered in the name of a person aged 18 or over. Boats normally used by persons under 18 shall be registered in the name of a parent/ guardian.

Allocation of Dinghy Park spaces Boat Park Space Allocation

Boats registered may be parked at the Club at the discretion of the Marine Manager. In determining which registered boats may be parked, the Marine Manager will, taking into consideration the space available:

• Give first preference to those classes most active in club racing and organised social/cruising events and allocate spaces to boats from other classes from a waiting list once the preferred boats have been accommodated.

• Give preference to each boat that has a history of being sailed more frequently

• Allocate seasonal parking for boats requiring parking for only a particular season of the year.

• Allocate parking for boats attending an event sponsored by HISC

• Allocate parking for tenders as defined in Bye-law 4.2 Boats may not be parked on the beach outside the protective barriers, unless advised by the Marine Manager.

The Club reserves the right to move or re-locate any boat to a new space within the Dinghy Park, provided the owner is notified of its new location.

Conditions of use

Boats must only be stored in the space allocated.

The space allocated cannot be sublet or transferred.

Boats must be secured in such a way as to minimise risk of overturning or movement in high winds.

It is the member’s responsibility to keep the space allocated clean and tidy and clear of weeds, excess sand and rubbish.

All boats in the Dinghy Park must have a valid Chichester Harbour Dues sticker applied.

All boats in the dinghy park must be maintained in a seaworthy condition. Any boat that in the opinion of the Club is not in a seaworthy condition shall not be eligible for allocation of a space in the Dinghy Park.

All boats must be in a moveable condition. If your boat is locked a spare key must be stored at the HISC reception.

Road trailers may only be stored in the Dinghy Park if they fit beneath the boat in its allocated space and no part of the road trailer is significantly wider than the dinghy being stored.


The charges for the use of the dinghy park shall be as set annually by the General Committee. See Appendix 2 for details of current charges and fees.

Charges will be based on the size of the boat stored and its method of storage as detailed in Appendix 2.

All rental periods will be based on the year ending 31st Dec.

All dinghy renewals are due on 1st Feb

Anybody who has paid for their space and subsequently removes their dinghy from the dinghy park may be entitled to a refund if the space can be re-allocated. The cost of the Harbour Dues is not refundable. The amount to be refunded shall be no more than 50% paid.


• A member will need to complete a Boat Parking Request Form (last page) if they wish to change the class of boat in their boat parking space, or make a new space request.

• Members can only request a boat parking space if they are in a position to use that space within three months following the submission of the Boat Parking Request Form.

• Once a space is offered, you have 7 days to pay for it or decline the offer.

• Any member offered a space and turns it down will be removed from the wait list and the boat space will be re-issued.

• The list will be reviewed annually and members may be required to re-apply. Other reviews of the Boat Park Waiting List will occur if space becomes available during the sailing season.


Failure to comply with these regulations may result in termination of the rental agreement and expulsion of the boat from the dinghy park.

Any boat that fails to meet the “active use” requirements may not be offered a space in the Dinghy Park in the subsequent year.

The HISC Policy and Process for Unregistered Boats-2016 document will be used each year to ensure the removal of unpaid dinghies.